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The reason why I hate LeBron.
May 9, 2011


The reason I write all this is because many many people always question me when I comment on LeBron, Why do you hate him? What has he done? Etc. I’ll do my very best to keep this in some sort of time line to keep it less confusing for all you LeBron and NBA “fans” out there who have this love for LeBron but couldn’t tell me who won the 6th man award this year. First of all I believe LeBron James is a cancer of the NBA and the commissioner, writers, officials and LeBron fans are blinded to see this because at the end of the day when LeBron has single handedly lost the game, all you look at is how many points he’s scored.

In 2008 (the year of the Celtic) the All-Star game, In February saw a start studded all star line up but while coming off the bench Ray Allen had a stella game coming up big to rally the East to a 134-128 win over the West an All Star MVP worthy performance by Ray Allen you would say. Wrong. The All Star MVP went to none other than LeBron James the self proclaimed “King” looking at these stats would you say he deserved it?

James 27 12-22 1-1 2-7 2 4 30
Allen 28 10-14 3-5 5-9 2 0 19

But Elliot you mention early stats aren’t everything. Correct! but if you watch this game you’d know that in the last three and a half minutes of play Ray Allen scored 14 points including 3 three-pointers in dire clutch situations which actually won the game. Once again David $tern couldn’t have Ray Allen win the MVP could he I mean how on earth would they make money off a guy who doesn’t care for the flashy shoes that LeBron seems to put out every too seconds.

Above the Law?

Off the court in the NBA world you can’t do anything without it being reported. Kobe rapes a white girl, Wade divorces his wife, Delonte West gets caught with fire arms,  LeBron gets busted drink driving and speeding….. wait, what? Yep that right in 2007 the “King” was celebrating his 23rd birthday while intoxicated it was time for him to go home and fast. When caught doing 110 in a 65 zone the “All Star” was asked if he would continue to drive so recklessly he said

“I don’t know, maybe at times. It’s not a big deal to me”

 oh? Ok LeBron well in America if you go 25+ mph over the speed limit its an automatic reckless driving offence yet he gets off at the drop of a hat and the press at the NBA don’t report this despite the fact they get into ever other players personally life and when they do something wrong cop flak over it but still the continue to report when LeBron releases a shoe just in time for the plat offs…….

 Due to LeBron having to play with shit players (Cavs) He takes it upon himself to take shots in a clutch situation, So the true point-guard he his he strolls down the court holding the ball, draining the remaining seconds of the clock. He’s not going take a jumper at long range because well…. he… can’t make that so in typical LeBron fashion (which was never IN fashion) he tucks his head down charges aimlessly at the basket thinking he’s going to be fouled, chucks up a shot and falls face down in the paint turning over the ball. There was NO foul but because he’s the “King” who can’t do a single thing wrong he spits the dummy and goes absolutely mental at the officials for no shit about a minutes crying his little head off which could be picked up on the mic feed despite them being turned away so they don’t pick up swearing etc while he has his cry. So yes he stuffed up every player does how ever If that was Dwight Howard, Van Gundy, or Rasheed Wallace going mental at officials, without a second thought they would tech fouled in an instant so why doesn’t LeBron get teched? This isn’t the first or last time he’s gone mental at the officials ohhh that’s right we can’t have David Sterns money maker in trouble can we.

Gets away with it once again.  surprised? Hardly.

In 2002 when the Finals were rigged for the Lakers (hate me) one thing that gave it away was a certain rapists elbows all up on Bibby’s grill…..errr nose…. blood nose and later on Ginobli met Kobe’s elbow as well. This was all over the news, press, NBA press, TV and so on. Once again Stern can’t have his LeBron in trouble for throwing elbows yet will suspend Stoudmire and Diaw for take a SINGLE step off the bench when Nash got hip and shoulders into the rafters the same day.

Any chance to make a dollar LeBron

“If I had Adidas, I probably would’ve broken my ankle.”

 Taking on Marbury and losing. FAIL!

For those of you who haven’t been convinced that LeBron is a money-grubbing corporate shill of a jerk, please read this story. Before a recent Knicks/Cavs matchup, LeBron somehow works up the nerve to trash Stephon Marbury for endorsing a shoe that little kids can get a hold of without stabbing a classmate or slinging green in the schoolyard.

Before the game, James took a little shot at Marbury’s $14.98 kicks, saying he couldn’t imagine endorsing a sneaker that cheap.

“No, I don’t think so,” James said. “Me being with Nike, we hold our standards high.”

Wow. Is LeBron that naive? A pair of LeBron’s Nikes, selling for $150 (more for hi-tops), costs Nike less than $5 to produce in a factory somewhere in Asia. Superior craftsmanship, for sure. A pair of Stephon Marbury’s “Starbury” shoes costs $14.98 to buy. Guess that’s why LeBron has a $90 million endorsement deal with Nike and Stephon Marbury had to start up his own company.

Stephon wasn’t about to take that shit lying down. He comes back at LeBron with some truth:

Marbury, who is friendly with James, was lacing up his Starburys before the game when informed of LeBron’s comment. He thought about it for a moment and said,

“I’d rather own than be owned.”

…and then buries the Cavs at the end of the game with a couple three-pointers. Looks like Stephon’s cheap shoes didn’t handicap him too much.

One more interesting tidbit from the article – LeBron James actually endorses Cub Cadet lawnmowers. Hawking lawnmowers, LeBron? For real? Is that what it’s come to? Class act, that LeBron James. He knows a quality lawnmower quality when he sees one.

LeBron wasted no time playing games when it came to his Nike contract, unceremoniously signing a contract extension way back in May.  Strange, considering NBA free agency was months away at the time and one would think that LeBron’s value to Nike depends mightily on the size of the market of LeBron’s next team.  Did LeBron give Nike the inside scoop on his NBA free agency decision?  Did Nike give LeBron orders to move to a major market?  Or did Nike and LeBron (correctly) conclude that jackoff fair weather fans will buy LeBron jerseys no matter where he lands?

Well…this kid won’t buy a LeBron jersey any time soon.  But most other kids (who have not been directly and personally insulted by LeBron) will continue to think that LeBron is totally awesome and shell out big bucks for his shoes and shit.  So as long as the fair-weather fanbase stays intact, It doesn’t even matter if LeBron stays in Cleveland or leaves for LA.  Hell, Nike probably just assumes that since LeBron is a just a humble kid from Akron, loyal to his community above all else, he would never bail on the state of Ohio.  He even has a loyalty tattoo on his rib cage, for fuck’s sake.  People really want to believe that LeBron is staying in Cleveland:

James, who wasn’t wooed and recruited by colleges because everyone knew he was NBA-bound, probably will visit several teams come July. Big on drama, he might let the suspense build to a crescendo. But in the end, Cavs fans should let these words from James comfort them.

“The city of Akron means so much to me,” he said. “Akron, Ohio, is my life. I love this city.”

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, who sat on stage with James, is convinced, or at the very least, feigning conviction, saying, “I’m sure we’ll be here next year with MV3.”

With Nike stuff out of the way, let’s move on to the playoffs…

At the first sign of trouble, LeBron pre-emptively prepared a nice little excuse for losing. Then things get worse.  Turns out, LeBron has been spoiling his teammates with his exemplary play for years.  They never really learned how to play basketball!  Fuck!  That’s the kind of shit that playoff competition exposes.  Fortunately, LeBron was clever enough to abandon the flawed “give the man a fish” philosophy and adopt the obviously superior “teach a man to fish” approach.  Unfortunately, however, LeBron’s teaching method involved forcing his team sit around and watch him clang every basketball in sight off the iron and into the stands.  Whoops!  Not a good example to set for your impressionable students.

In the end, the Cavs continued their predictable regression with LeBron and coach Brown at the helm and were again dumped from the playoffs.

All was not lost for the Chosen One, however.  Finally liberated from the annoying basketball-playing part of basketball, LeBron was able to concentrate on what really matters – free agency.  King James wasted no time assembling his all-star team of advisors.  Of course, Mark Cuban jumped the gun and got fined 100K right out of the gate with some vague comment about a sign-and-trade. Then Steve Kerr got fined.  It wasn’t long before Jay-Z got himself in the mix.  Then all hell broke loose.  LeBron and friends had a free agency super summit.  Sportscenter jizzed its pants.  Repeatedly.  The already out-of-control hype reached an unprecedented level of mega-annoying.  Then LeBron kicked it up a few more notches when he decided to literally hold court.  It was decreed that if any of the King’s subjects sought an audience with their ruler, they had to grovel at King James’ feet as guests of the royal court.  The Nets are set to be first up.  The city of New York threw a party in the King’s honor.  Not sure what happened with the Mavs or LA.  I think the Bulls were up last.  It’s a mad house all around.

LeBron interviewed his suitors in one frantic week.  The Knicks prepared a ridiculous powerpoint presentation (of course it was leaked) that basically amounted to a list of the various reasons why LeBron should not go to other teams.  And why coming to New York would not necessarily get him a title, but would surely land him the billionaire status he covets.  In Miami, greasy-ass Pat Riley showed off his rings.  The Bulls probably tried to talk up the franchise’s winning ways and major market earning potential (without using the words “Michael Jordan,” “legacy,” “high expectations,” or “asshole Chicago fans will turn on you like a rabid badger the second you fuck up and we all know you will because that’s all you’ve ever done”

Now Bosh and Wade have committed to Miami.  Stoudemire has signed on with Knicks.  And who gives a fuck about Joe Johnson?  All will be revealed tonight during a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME PRIME TIME TV EVENT! With any luck, some asshole will leak the decision and totally ruin the special.


Magic Troll the Cavs, LeBron crys refuses to shake hands.

Since there aren’t many people rushing to defend LeBron’s poor sportsmanship these days, he’s having to strike out on his own.  His latest gem:

Though a handshake is typically seen as a measure of good sportsmanship, James clearly has a different view. Still, when James was reminded that, in fact, players do actually shake hands at the end of a playoff series, James responded by saying, “No you don’t. No you don’t.”

Errm…okay.  Guess my eyes were playing tricks on me the dozens of times I’ve seen a playoff series end with handshakes.  Maybe the NBA manipulated the on-screen images in real-time, as they did with LeBron’s crab dribble.  Read about it here.

You're right he's not arrogant


LeBron the legend.

King James, the Chosen One, as he was worshipped in 2006:

“I think he finishes off Detroit….I think this will be one of those rare games when you know something momentous is happening as you’re watching, even though it’s not finished happening yet. I think tonight becomes his version of MJ’s 63-point game in the Boston Garden, Springsteen’s “Born to Run” album, Ali’s KO over Liston, Pacino’s scene in Louis’ Restaurant, Tiger’s minus-18 in Augusta. I think the Pistons walk off the court in a fog, wondering what the hell just happened. I think nothing in the NBA will be the same for another 12-15 years.”

This crap came out of Bill Simmon’s mouth way back when many idiots genuinely believed LeBron was the Chosen One.  LeBron had finally arrived at a defining moment in his career.  He had a chance to back up the hype and legitimize his reputation.  Then a funny thing happened –  LeBron failed.  And then he failed again.  And again.  And then again once more.  LeBron’s response to the Bill Simmons of the world?  One of the most remarkable game seven meltdowns in playoff history as the Cavs were eliminated by the Pistons.  The following year, LeBron was embarrassingly swept by the Spurs in the finals.  I don’t even remember a single game from that series. The year after that, LeBron bumbled and stumbled his way to hundreds of free throws but still couldn’t get past the Celtics due to a shooting percentage in the low 30s.  Then LeBron had a theatrical and ultimately meaningless game winner early in the series (how many of these has he missed – dozens?) as the Cavs were unceremoniously dumped by the Magic in 6 games.

Oh, how things have changed.  Sure, the hype is still unbearable and everything looks the same on the Sportscenter-skinned surface – LeBron can do no wrong, he is an unstoppable force, the best player in the NBA, the MVP, the next Oscar Robertson, etc. – but no reasonable person truly believes the crap anymore, with the exception of the worst LeBron douche bag fans out there.  This year, there were no bold predictions of greatness from any reasonable sports journalists – just half-hearted, obligatory LeBron praise to please the various corporate masters.  Why?  LeBron has been exposed.  He is not the next Michael Jordan.  He will never be the next Michael Jordan.  He won’t be the next anybody.  He doesn’t even have a decent jumpshot, for fuck’s sake.  A lucky buzzer-beater doesn’t mean much when you lose a series in 6.

Of course, the LeBron apologists were out in force repeating the standard “LeBron can’t do it all himself” bullshit that has been circulating for years.  Here’s a fact, people – LeBron blew game 6 offensively, his team mates didn’t.  The only player that shot worse than LeBron was sorry-ass Wally Szczerbiak.  LeBron was 8 for 20 for the game.  He didn’t score a single point in the crucial second quarter as the Magic built up a permanent lead.  He even pulled his signature “OH MY GOD, MY EYEBALL HAS JUST BEEN VICIOUSLY GOUGED BY THAT MEAN MAN” move in the first quarter. LeBron “playmaker” James gave the ball away short time later when he lost a lazy standing dribble.  Embarrassed, I’m guessing, he bull-charged some poor sap on his next trip down the court, got the BS call, and badly bricked two consecutive free throws a few seconds later.  And that was the ballgame.  LeBron was a non-factor from that point forward.  He sat around the perimeter pouting, attempted some awful shots, and forced a bunch of awkward drives.  Coach Brown, brilliant motivator that he is, even picked up a tech at the half to grease the refs and fire up the crybaby.  Coach of the Year, indeed.  It didn’t work.  LeBron’s bull-charge stopped being about getting to the basket and started being about putting fouls on Dwight Howard.  No amount of ref-coddling could save him at that point.  Game over.

As I have just established, LeBron certainly has a wealth of experience coming up short in big games.  You’d think he be used to all of the losing by now.  Apparently not.  For the second season in a row, LeBron stormed off the court and ran directly to the locker room, bailing on his teammates and the required press conference.  So fun-lovin’ LeBron will choreograph an intricate dance routine with his teammates when they are running up the score against some losers during the regular season, but he can’t even look a teammate in the eye and congratulate him at the conclusion of a long, hard-fought season?  What happened to LeBron’s unselfish team-first attitude we’re always hearing about?  His leadership?  LeBron clearly doesn’t think his team mates are worthy of his greatness.  As mere men, they certainly aren’t the equal of NBA royalty.  They are LeBron’s subjects.  Inadequate peasants, the source of constant disappointment to their master:

“I’m only one guy,” James said. “I took Hedo in the first game and Rashard made the shot. I took Rashard in the second game and Hedo made the shot.

“If I could clone myself, we’d be all right. But I can’t.”

Holy shit.  Have you ever heard of another player publicly stating that he wishes his team mates could be replaced with clones of himself?  LeBron’s arrogance is truly limitless.

Since LeBron couldn’t even make eye contact with his own teammates after the loss, it obviously never crossed his mind to congratulate the Magic after the game.  Check out this bizarre “explanation” LeBron sent to Dwight Howard the day after the loss:

“It’s hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them,” he said. “I’m a winner. It’s not being a poor sport or anything like that. If somebody beats you up, you’re not going to congratulate them. That doesn’t make sense to me. I’m a competitor. That’s what I do. It doesn’t make sense for me to go over and shake somebody’s hand.”

A spoiled brat running away and pouting in the emotion of the moment is one thing, but refusing to back down and defending your ridiculously immature behaviour after you’ve had time to think it over is quite another.  LeBron simply does not believe anything he does is wrong.  He continued to insist that his “crab dribble” wasn’t a travel, even after hundreds of replays on sportscenter.  He has denied elbowing opposing players in the face, even though he knows very well that every game is videotaped from 20 different angles.  King James does not need to apologize to his subjects.  And he never will.  He is a classless jerk.

First the league said it wasn’t going to fine him, because this was a first offense, as if that’s supposed to come into play. Stern wouldn’t come out Tuesday and say exactly what he wanted to do, almost asking not to be pressed on the matter. Not sounding as much like the NBA commissioner on this one as one of James’ teammates, the ones who did have to stick around and talk about losing to the Magic. Or, and more likely, one of LeBron James’ business partners. – Mike Lupica on LeBron refusing to do the press conference after Cavs lose Game 6 and the series to Magic.

What’s even more of a joke is that after Stern decided not to fine LeBron for refusing to do the press conference he then apologised for LeBron for missing it. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!

“He asked that I express to the media, the Magic and the fans his apology, and particularly the young fans, because he knows he has a responsibility to all of our fans, and that sportsmanship is appropriate whether you win or whether you lose,” Stern said.

Seriously. Come. On.

Stan Van Gundy’s game 3 post-game press conference.

Reporter: Stan, the foul that Dwight fouled out on and a couple other calls on LeBron…they don’t even look like fouls sometimes.  Can you comment on that?

Stan: Nope. But you can.  You write a column.  And see, the league won’t fine you $25,000 or whatever.  So…so you write it.  That’s what I love – you guys see it, but you don’t want to write it.  But you want me to comment on it so now I’m a whiner and I get fined.  You saw it, write what you saw.

In the NBA, you can be fined for complaining about a call if you are a coach, even when you are unquestionably right. The press can write whatever they want, but they rarely write stories critical of LeBrom.  Consequentially, LeBron James has become a monster and the last two minutes of every close playoff game (arguably the only part of a basketball game worth watching) are a usually a joke.  Thanks, David Stern.  Even the defensive player of the year (carrying 5 fouls in a pivotal playoff game) doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt on a decisive defensive play when he goes up against LeBron.  When you guard LeBron, you are simply “the guy who is about to foul LeBron.”


11-28 from the field.  24 free throws.  Very impressive…if you’re (present-day) Allen Iverson.  Blindfolded.  Playing without a coach like it’s 2001.

LeBron's shots vs whole Magic teams shots.

LeBron clearly got the help he needed from the refs.  Guess he needed more.  He made exactly two shots from beyond one inch, yet he still wound up with over 40 points.  Still no jumpshot.  Amazing.

I Love Jay-Z but seriously ditch LeBron he’s a fucking douche bag.

Before you read this please read this story here. LeBron and Jay-Z have merged to invent a new business concept. Is this for real?

“We don’t want to do endorsement deals anymore,” said James as he stood next to Jay-Z. “When I talk to Jay, we always talk about creating relationships and friendships not endorsement deals where you pay me money and I hold up a product. We don’t do that. We all got money in here.”

Ohhh you don’t do endorsements anymore LeBron? Well just before the playoffs this year LeBron just thought he’d let you all know about his new Energy Strips here’s a few other things LeBron has going for him.

I could go on but instead I’ll leave you with this lovely message straight from the Kings mouth.

“Green is the most beautiful color in the world,” said James as he raised his glass. “That’s how you create partnerships, with the color green.”

It happened.  LeBron was finally called for a frame-by-frame recreation of The Travel.  And against the poor Washington Wizards of all teams – LeBron’s original victims.  Amazing.  The NBA’s officiating is in such a sorry state that it is nearly impossible for anyone to believe that LeBron could actually be whistled for travelling, even when it is the most painfully obvious example of travelling possible (I’ll get to that later).  So unbelievable that when he is called out, it becomes a major media event.  Check out Caron Butler’s reaction after the game:

It’s a travel. It was the exact same move two years ago in the playoffs. I definitely knew he travelled, but I didn’t think they were gonna call it…But that was one of them situations in which a great player made a move, good officiation, and they called the call. And I was just like, ‘Aw, man. There is a God. There is a God.’

That a professional basketball player could have such an extreme reaction to this whole crab dribble travel call episode really says it all.  Caron Butler evidently feels that it requires some kind of divine intervention in order for LeBron to be correctly charged with a travelling violation. Or, at the very least, that such a call constitutes proof of the existence of GOD.

Of course, this was a meaningless game, and a pretty safe game for the refs to have grown a conscience.  LeBron has been pulling this shit in the playoffs for years.  If a playoff game is close in the fourth quarter, the crab is guaranteed to make an appearance or two.  Or twelve.  I bet that won’t change this year or ever.

Anyway, back to the story…as with most King James fiascos, LeBron’s obnoxious reaction is more than half the fun.  How pathetic is it that LeBron has the nerve to 1. complain to the refs about such a valid call (including a re-enactment to the ref during the game – where was the tech!?), 2. claim that even after he had seen the tape in the locker room that it was still not a travel and then 3. be so bold as to go in front of the media and bitch about it knowing full well that he has won entire playoffs series on no-calls from the same move.   Answer: it is quite pathetic.  And he kept bitching about it the day after the game, after having the benefit of watching it replayed on sportscenter 600 times:

On Sunday, James said it was a “bad call” and that “they need to look at it and they need to understand that’s not a travel.”   In giving his take on what happened, James said: “I watched it again, and I took a ‘crab dribble,’ which is a hesitation dribble, and then two steps.”

Ugh.  LeBron must honestly believe that he can do no wrong.

Unfortunately, apart from racking up a meaningless loss against a non-contender, LeBron came away from this episode completely unscathed, as usual – he wasn’t given a tech for complaining directly to the ref (Oh, I’m sorry – explaining to the ref) and he wasn’t fined for repeatedly and directly criticizing the officiating after the game (are they going to return Eddie Jordan’s $25K for complaining about a no-call on the very same move back in 2006?).

One more item of note – the valiant coach Brown made a point to get thrown out of the game arguing a charging foul called on LeBron (LeBron’s other signature move).  He couldn’t just sit by and watch LeBron being so blatantly subjected to the rules of basketball for an entire game.  The officiating was just so terribly fair that night, apparently.

Because Brown and many reporters are apparently retarded and because LeBron apparently has some psychological condition that prevents him from viewing rapidly moving images on a television screen and processing them properly in his LeBrain, let’s break this shit down, frame-by-frame, by using youtube and the offical NBA rulebook.  And Jalen Rose.

First, the rule:

Section XIV-Traveling
a. A player who receives the ball while standing still may pivot, using either foot as the pivot foot.
b. A player who receives the ball while he is progressing or upon completion of a dribble, may use a two-count rhythm in coming to a stop, passing or shooting the ball.
The first count occurs:
(1) As he receives the ball, if either foot is touching the floor at the time he receives it.
(2) As the foot touches the floor, or as both feet touch the floor simultaneously after he receives the ball, if both feet are off the floor when he receives it.
The second occurs:
(1) After the count of one when either foot touches the floor, or both feet touch the floor simultaneously.
c. A player who comes to a stop on the count of one may pivot, using either foot as the pivot foot.
d. A player who comes to a stop on the count of two, with one foot in advance of the other, may pivot using only the rear foot as the pivot foot.
e. A player who comes to a stop on the count of two, with neither foot in advance of the other, may use either foot as the pivot foot.
f. In starting a dribble after (1) receiving the ball while standing still, or (2) coming to a legal stop, the ball must be out of the player’s hand before the pivot foot is raised off the floor.
g. If a player, with the ball in his possession, raises his pivot foot off the floor, he must pass or shoot before his pivot foot returns to the floor. If he drops the ball while in the air, he may not be the first to touch the ball.
h. A player who falls to the floor while holding the ball, or while coming to a stop, may not gain an advantage by sliding.
i. A player who attempts a field goal may not be the first to touch the ball if it fails to touch the backboard, basket ring or another player.
PENALTY: Loss of ball. The ball is awarded to the opposing team at the sideline, nearest spot of the violation but no nearer the baseline than the foul line extended.

Okay – so the NBA rulebook isn’t as crystal-clear as it could be.  However, after much difficulty, it is possible to translate this strangely-worded crap and come away with the fact that you get TWO STEPS after picking up your dribble in most situations.  I think.  Anyway – let’s assume two.  It’s certainly not more than two, in any situation, obviously.


The Big Ticket
November 19, 2010


Kevin 'The Big Ticket' Garnett. Photo by me.

So glad I actually got to be in the Boston Garden to see this guy play. I took this photo after Boston beat Chicago in game 6 of the 2010-11 NBA season as Kevin Garnett walked off the court and down the race, Will probably never see this guy in person again or be in an arena to see him play a game of basketball again.

San Francisco
November 19, 2010

San Francisco and Alcatraz

Game 6 Boston Celtics vs Chicago Bulls
November 19, 2010

November 17, 2010

Me in the Boston Garden.

Game 5 Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks
November 17, 2010

I sat 1 row from the court, Overtime win by Boston with Paul Pierce hitting 20,000 career points.


TD Garden
November 17, 2010


North Station, The Boston Garden

Home of the 17 time NBA champions The  Boston Celtics.

Retire Numbers:

#1 Walter Brown, #2 Arnold ‘Red’ Auerbach, #3 Dennis Johnson, #6 Bill Russell, #10 JoJo White, #14 Bob Cousy, #15 Tom Heinsohn, #15 Tom ‘Satch’ Sanders, #17 John Havlicek (sat next to him at the game), #18 Dave Cowens, #19 Don Nelson, #21 Bill Sharman, #22 Ed Macauley, #23 Frank Ramsey, #24 Sam Jones, #25 K.C. Jones, #31 Cedric Maxwell, #32 Kevin McHale, #33 Larry Bird, #35 Reggie Lewis, #00 Robert Parish, LOSCY Jim Loscutoff asked his number (18) not be retired so that a future Celtics could wear it, it was later retired by Dave Cowens.


November 17, 2010

Boston, Cambridge, Newbury, Fenway Park, TD Garden aka Boston Garden aka North Station.

San Diego Zoo
November 17, 2010

Los Angeles
November 17, 2010

Downtown LA, Hollywood, Hollywood West, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Universal Studios, LA Clippers game.

Los Angeles is extremely overrated and I wouldn’t to return.